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Extended Super Admins Plugin for WordPress Multisite

February 5th, 2011 in WordPress 3.o Multi site by admin

Extended Super Admins is a plugin that allows the creation multiple levels of Super Admins in a multisite configuration.
This plugin allows you to revoke specific privileges from any Super Admin on the network. You can create new roles within the site, then assign any Super Admin to that role; effectively removing the appropriate privileges.
This plugin does not grant any new privileges (with the possible exception of the ability to manage the settings for this plugin itself) to any users. It is only capable of removing privileges.
This plugin is also built to be compatible with the WordPress Multi Network plugin. If the WPMN plugin is active, the options for this plugin will be saved and used for all of the networks within the installation.
Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/extended-super-admins/

Author: admin

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