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What Happened to the WPMultiSite Product?

September 17th, 2010 in WPSiteStack by admin

This site (WPMultiSite.com) was created to support our product ‘WPMultiSite’, which is a way to stack multiple WordPress sites on top of one installation of WordPress. We created this product long before WordPress MU was renamed ‘multisite’ and merged into the main branch of the WordPress code. In other words, multisite is now the name of a standard feature of WordPress.
You might think that this would make our product less useful. Well, no, because the built in feature is still the same as it was before, but now it’s just easier to activate. The reason our product WPMultiSite no longer lives at this URL, is that since WordPress has changed the name of their feature to our name it makes explaining our product much more difficult, so we’ve changed the name or our product to ‘WPSiteStack’ to reflect the differences. Please visit WPSiteStack.com for more information about ‘WPSiteStack’ and how it differs from the built in multisite feature of WordPress.
Both options are useful but you need to understand the difference before you make your choice. We have found that most people who use the multisite feature of WordPress are thinking that they are getting a product more like WPSiteStack. There are pros and cons of each and neither is perfect so please do your homework first before you begin.

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November 2nd, 2010

The things we do not know about each other even when we are sitting at the same table. Very cool Glenn, very cool.

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